Without Trident, Britain is a small island in a dark world

In an ideal world, nuclear weapons would be unheard of, Putin and Trump would be going for drinks together and Kim Jong-un would fall in love with democracy. We would all live happily ever after. But really, we only need to look out the window and see that the world is actually filled to the brim with conflict. And it looks set to get a whole lot worse. Not knowing what North Korea will do with their nuclear weapons sends a chill down the spine. Iran has been stopped from developing its nuclear programme for now but who is to say they will not try again in the future? And Cold War tensions look to have been revived as NATO increases its presence in Eastern Europe. In fact, the world is a toxic place. The only reason I get to sleep at night is knowing that we have Trident; the ultimate deterrent.  And peace is based on deterrents.

If Jeremy Corbyn got his way and Trident was scrapped, Vladimir Putin would be licking his lips. He would love the idea of a weakened NATO as well as the fact that Britain would have lost its voice on the world stage and the West (especially the USA and Britain) would appear a lot more disconnected. And Putin is not the only dodgy guy out there. Many power-hungry dictators would think twice before threatening a country with nuclear weapons. A country without them though and suddenly the idea seems a lot more appealing. All it would take would be for Kim Jong-un to mistake some sanctions imposed by the West as a declaration of war. He would decide to nuke London (not yet within his capabilities but may well be soon) and we would be completely defenceless just waiting for the missile travelling at well over 10,000mph to strike. The thought makes me sick. But that is reality and we should not underestimate the completely bonkers totalitarian leaders out there.

In this modern world, only the ones with nuclear weapons become the major players. Without them, we would just be a small island. Trident may cost a lot but is it worth it. The programme provides many jobs and makes NATO (an alliance which keeps hundreds of millions of people safe) as strong as it can be. Until all countries give up their nuclear weapons which looks less and less likely, the need to keep ours will increase. Otherwise, we are in serious trouble.


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