The longer Brexit is postponed, the better…but not because I do not want it to happen

So it looks like Brexit has been postponed until 2017. Frustrating, yes. But beneath the gloomy shadows of uncertainty that now hang overhead, the benefits of this decision are clear. And it is also clear why Hollande is so keen to get Brexit negotiations up and running as soon as possible.

Hollande is a man who has no idea what he is doing. In fact, he is so clueless, I am beginning to believe that he is an imposter- he could be a ferry driver from Calais for all I know. But the truth is, his country is in disarray. The security services do not seem to know what day it is and the country now regularly comes to a standstill every time the left-wing mob come out for a bit of exercise. Le Pen is gaining support like it is going out of fashion. And to make matters worse for Hollande, the next election is fast approaching. If he does not act, he will soon be out of the job and sipping Merlot in Biarritz for the rest of his life.

So although he might think he is being smart by saying that Britain cannot gain access to the single market without accepting the free movement of people, he is not. Because now that May has delayed Brexit, the pressure is on for him to guarantee all those French jobs which rely on British trade. So he is desperate. And the more time that passes, the more desperate that he will become. The French will begin to strike again and people will start laying across the Champs-Elysees in protest and nobody will want to go to France anymore; this will be the tipping point and the catalyst for a trade agreement being signed between us and our European counterparts. It is at this point that Hollande will agree that actually, maybe you do not need to accept the free movement of people along with access to the single market.

The situation is the same in Germany. The last thing Merkel wants to do is put jobs in her renowned car industry at risk with German elections coming up. So yes, there is uncertainty for us but there is too for them.

You could also argue that triggering Article 50 is impossible right now. We do not even have a workforce of suitable lawyers and civil servants to carry it out. But the best outcome for me in delaying Brexit is that it signals to Juncker and his buddies that Theresa May is no pushover and she has a brusque style. Our Prime Minister clearly wants to make sure that Britain is the dominant force going into Brexit negotiations.


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