Trump was ignorant again…but he has the power to do something INCREDIBLE!

Donald Trump is a self-centred fool. We knew that six months ago and we know it now. But unfortunately, there are masses of hillbillies living somewhere in Alabama with one tooth and facial hair like Jeremy Corbyn’s that see Trump as a father-figure. Their support has been enough to get him selected to be the Republican nominee. But Trump’s tactics will certainly have to change if he is going to reach out to the centre ground and win the election. He was ignorant to say that he will support the police whilst commenting much less about the terrible deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. That will only fuel more disunity and push the centre ground towards Hilary Clinton.

If America had a shred of sense, they would put strong bans on firearms. But since they don’t and Republicans think guns are as essential as water, that does not look to be possible. So if Trump does become President, he needs to realise that a huge overhaul of the police in America is needed. At the moment, it is all too easy for a police officer to shoot an innocent person without really knowing why.

We thought the tragic shootings of police in Dallas and Baton Rouge would put an end to the hostility. But they haven’t. Because some lunatic police officer in Florida has now shot an innocent, black carer looking after an autistic person. After all that has happened recently, you would assume that he would think twice before acting like that. Clearly not.

You cannot change the past though. What matters now is how America acts and moves forward. The strongest punishments need to be enforced on police officers like the one in Florida. That is the only way police officers will start to realise that shooting should be seen as a last resort, not a first. Trump needs to accept that the whole mentality of police forces at the moment is wrong. Only once he accepts this will the police and communities start uniting. And if Trump can show to the people that he can do this, then he may be able to get valuable votes.  

You may ask, why do I not support Clinton in doing this? Well, for the same reason that I do not support Obama in doing it; because they are unable to change the American (especially Republican) gun mentality. On the other hand, being a Republican, Trump is able to do something and if he becomes President, he is the most well-placed person for years who could crack down on America’s gun and racial problems. Unfortunately, though, this is a man who likes the idea of global warming so New York can get a bit of heat from time to time.


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