France are just using Brexit as an excuse for their failure

Dover is in disarray. And the French are at fault.

The idea that Brexit has caused this army of cars, caravans and lorries to become gridlocked is humorous. We haven’t even invoked Article 50 yet! No, the tailbacks are actually being fuelled by the French’s anxiety about another terrorist attack-which is perfectly reasonable. But what is not reasonable is that the French have not sent additional staff to deal with this time-consuming process. It’s an embarrassment on their part. And why were they not prepared for the mad summer holiday rush which occurs every year?

Not only are British holidaymakers suffering from 15 hour queues but the British taxpayer is now funding British staff to carry out checks to help the French because of their incompetence. And with the danger of this madness to continue for ‘weeks’, the French need to accept that they have made ignorant mistakes rather than blaming it on Brexit. And when I mean they need to accept it, I mean they have to send more staff so this does not frustrate anymore people and they need to refund the British taxpayer.

If the French are going to say that this is one of the consequences of Brexit, then they are the country which is going to feel that consequence the most. And the longer this crisis goes on, the more their tourist industry will shrink. If you had to spend 15 hours queuing to get on a ferry to mainland Europe, would you spend all your hard-earned money doing the same thing the next year? Course you wouldn’t. Of course, some people may decide that they could go to France by plane next year but as soon as you mention air travel, countless number of destinations outside of France become a possibility for a similar price.

France are responsible for Dover and we are responsible for Calais. Not the other way around. Whether we voted for Brexit or not, that should have no influence on the Le Touquet agreement which explains the arrangement of border controls. The French seem to be using the situation in Dover to be egocentric and promote their power. All it says to me though is that they have no control whatsoever.


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