Who cares about a drop in the economy?

(There is one thing that I would like you to keep in mind whilst reading this article; that it is written by myself, a 16-year-old, who’s in an age group which was assumed to be so pro-EU and in support of another referendum.)

For heaven’s sake, who cares about a drop in the economy? You are all probably thinking, well I do. But you shouldn’t. Because this economic activity has nothing to do with Brexit itself. It is to do with uncertainty. Yes, Brexit and this uncertainty are obviously related but we should not think of them as the same thing. The truth is that as soon as negotiations start getting underway and deals start being formed, the economy will thrive.

The results released a few days ago are just a month’s worth of results. So they are useless in determining the actual, long-term economic effect. Some ‘experts’ think they can predict future economic forecasts on these results, but they can’t. Because who knows what will happen between then and now. Exciting, isn’t it? The only thing that these economic assessments do tell us is the immediate shock of the Brexit vote (which everyone knew would happen anyway). It does not assess how much a deal with Europe or the rest of the world will boost our economy and eliminate all uncertainty. And a deal will happen because it is their interests just as much as ours. We are already hearing about promising proposals for a new economic arrangement between us and Europe.

And life at the moment is not all bad. For a start, a weak pound boosts the British tourism industry and it has helped to excel exporting businesses. It really does frustrate me when I hear that apparently, Brexit has destroyed the British economy and we will never recover.  Because it hasn’t. I genuinely think our economy will welcome the new opportunities given to us by the Brexit vote and use them to develop the economy even more. An obvious example of this being that we are now able to open up new trade links all across the world, whether that is with the Commonwealth or the biggest economy in the world-the USA. It was only yesterday that Philip Hammond said that there could be a deal between Britain and China-the world’s second largest economy.

Do not be fooled by economists saying that Britain is destined to go into a recession. Even if it does, Britain will recover like it always has done. But we need to stop thinking of Brexit as a pathway to depression.


2 thoughts on “Who cares about a drop in the economy?

  1. Unfortunately there will always be those who blame Brexit for everything and refuse to acknowledge that the hiccup in the economy at the start was due to panic. No-one sees how quickly things settled down.
    Yes, as soon as we are on the way out (hurry up Article 50) wee have trade deals with Australia and America assured and others will follow. We are still the 6th biggest economy and China will want a share of that. The EU will know it’s in their interest to keep us close even if not under control. The UK can go far if everyone works together.
    Yours is another nicely written piece.


    1. Thank you very much, David. You are exactly right in that as soon as Article 50 is triggered, people will see that things will gradually become more and more stable and the idea of Brexit can be made a success!

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