Syria’s only hope is for Assad to step down

It’s been 5 years since the Arab Spring and still, Syria is in utter turmoil. The violence in recent days has become unbearable. It was only a few days ago that a maternity hospital was bombed by the infamous Assad regime along with many other hospitals. The Syrian government are clearly trying to make life truly sickening for the millions of civilians and rebels inside cities like Aleppo. And it’s wounds like these which can never be stitched up. Whether a society is based on democracy or totalitarian rule, the leaders still need the trust and faith of its people in order to rule in a stable climate. Assad will never regain the trust of his people again due to the murderous crimes he has committed. For as long as he remains in power, his people will remain disillusioned. Syria needs change.

Like Iraq, it will be incredibly hard to establish a perfect democracy in Syria. But I am not talking about a utopian society based on democracy and freedom. Syria is far from that. I am talking about the rebels taking control and transforming the face of their country. Only the rebels can get the support of the people behind them. Assad’s sympathisers will have to accept it and realise that the country is crying for change. If they don’t accept it, then they face the prospect of destabilising the country even more and facing a worse life themselves.

As for the millions of refugees who have been displaced during the conflict, they will be able to return to a country whose society has been cemented by a more stable rule run by senior rebels. This will take the pressure off Europe and may also help to stop terrorists being secretly shipped in. Syria can also show a more united front in terms of fighting IS and restoring law and order. Russia will have lost an ally in the Middle East which will push them into a weaker position; good news for those wishing to counteract Russian aggression.

There is no guarantee that rule by the rebels will work. But if Assad and his cronies step down and are replaced by leaders desperate for change, then the country has a real chance of finding stability and giving everyone in Syria an improved life.


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