The SNP are manipulating the EU result

Listen to Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmond, Angus Robertson and the rest of the SNP and you will hear continuous baloney that the EU referendum result has highlighted one particular thing for certain: that Scotland now wants to become independent from the UK. All it takes though is a little glance through the magnifying glass to see the truth. And the truth does not reflect a desire for independence at all.

You see, many Scottish people voted Remain not because they were hardcore EU supporters. They did so because they feared that Sturgeon would use a result to leave the EU to catalyse the process of independence. And they were certainly right there. It’s clear to me and many other people in the UK that the SNP are simply manipulating the result and using it to fuel their own propaganda. The debate on the EU and the debate on Scottish independence are completely different. The Scottish people voted to remain as part of a United Kingdom. They did not vote to remain as an independent Scotland.

And when people say Scotland voted to stay in, I think of that to be incredibly misleading. In fact, 38% of Scotland voted to leave. By calling a second referendum now, the SNP would be silencing those voices which would be extremely undemocratic.

Isn’t it funny though how suddenly, the EU means so much to the SNP. If Scotland had chosen to be independent from the UK in 2014, they would have been forced out of the EU and would have had to reapply. EU membership did not mean that much to them then. It also seems the referendum itself didn’t either since they are now demanding another one only two years later. Talk about going against the result of a perfectly legitimate, democratic process.

But OK, forgetting about all that I have said above, if Scotland did truly want to separate from the UK, then they should have the right to do so, shouldn’t they? But they don’t. The latest polls show that Scots actually favour being part of the UK. The SNP therefore have no right to demand a referendum.

London voted Remain. Northern Ireland voted Remain. And Scotland voted Remain. But the UK (something which Scotland wanted to be a part of in 2014) voted Leave. That is what is important. The UK shall therefore come out of the EU in unity.


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